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A pair of shoes worn by Marie Antoinette at auction this spring.This pair of mules was originally a white/cream color and is decorated with white silk and tricolour ribbons. They were possibly worn by Marie Antoinette during the Fête de la Fédération (a celebration of the one year anniversary of the Fall of the Bastille) of 1790. They are a size 36, or about 23 cm long.
These shoes would have complimented the outfit that Marie Antoinette chose for this celebration, which was one of the rare occasions where she incorporated the ‘patriotic’ color scheme of red, blue and white. She wore a simple white gown, similar to the dresses worn by other women at the festival, which was complimented with a headpiece that featured tricolour feathers and ribbons.
Image sources and more information about the auction (in French) here.